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About Us

Meet your photographer and videographer, Blair Austin. 

Blair has run a popular San Diego photography site called Blarrel for over five years and has been published in international magazines. He has also been doing real estate photography for the past three years and has over a decade of expertise in portrait, action, and event photography, originally learning both action and wedding photography in Durban, South Africa. His video experience includes over five years of land and water videography for action sports, acting suit-to-shoots and skits, and events. Blair's work has been featured in Pacific Longboarder Magazine, Crown City Magazine, About Town Magazine, ZigZag Surfing Magazine, Misfit Gallery La Jolla, and Philz Coffee La Jolla. 


Meet the business coordinator, touch-up editor, and video editor, Emily Austin.

Emily has three years of experience in the acting and film industry both in front of and behind the camera. She studied International Business at University of California San Diego for her bachelor's and shortly after received a master's degree. She has a strong background in business, marketing, and video and photography and has a keen eye for lighting and film angles. Her strong understanding of the acting industry allows her to help other actors hone their headshots and reels.


Please reach out to us with any questions on booking and services.

(858) 997-7365

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